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Bacon Buns Are Here!

They're here, & they're exactly what they sound like...hearty, buttery buns stuffed with sizzling bacon & onion. Growing up with Lithuanian Polish heritage (and therefore bacon grease flowing through my veins) on the south side of Chicagoland, I got to grow up eating kugelis, pierogi, and golumpki, my most favorite being Bacon Buns. Either my Home Ec teacher mother would bake them from scratch, or we would drive an hour into Chicago strictly to pick up a few dozen bags from our beloved Racine Bakery on South Archer Avenue. We tore into them on the ride home & filled the car with the most memorable aroma: smoky bacon in its greasy glory seeping into a light yeast bun.

I just couldn't get Bacon Buns out of my head. I mean, they're bacon and carbs in the same mouthful, hello! It was decided that it was my life's mission to share them with everyone else. It's the most time & energy intensive recipe I have ever made, but they are so worth the trouble. Making, punching down, and kneading a rich yeast dough from scratch. Chopping bacon & onion into morsels, sizzling them together in a frying pan, the rendered bacon fat greasing the pan to flavor the onions. Rolling out a handful of dough & wrapping it around a scoop of bacon & onion filling, not wasting a drop of bacon grease in order to allow for that critical oozing into the dough during baking.

Even though the recipe for Bacon Buns is centuries old, I had a little fun with them and added delicious American flavors like pure maple syrup and cheddar cheese. So let's have more fun! Get your buns back over here soon for the latest news & ideas on how to make the most of your Bacon Buns, like crumbling the classic Bacon Bun over vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce, dipping the Maple Bacon Bun into sweet potatoes, and using the Cheddar Bacon Bun as a slider bun for a juicy hamburger. I would love to hear your pairing ideas too, so leave a comment below or email me at sarah@buscias.com

Thanks for checking out the blog. I can't wait to feed you & meet you at our upcoming events!

With Buscia's love,

  • Jo C says...

    I was excited to try your buns at the Whiting Pierogi Fest today. The women working the booth were not prepared. I waited for my buns. I ordered 4 of the cheese bacon buns. 2 of the 4 were cold inside. My friend also got 2 and both of hers were cold inside. They were hard and my boys thought they tasted like hot pockets. Disappointed and wasted $10.00

    On July 28, 2017

  • Judy James says...

    Do you Actually sell the Bacon Buns anywhere in Chicago ( since you grew up here & started your business/booths here? I came across your article accidentally, when looking up the word “buscia” in the newspaper article on the Whiting, IN, Pirogi Fest. They made my mouth water! Hopefully, I won’t have to wait until next year to try hm. (I’m not even sure you still sell them @ street fests). An, I can’t afford to pay $55 for 4 of your luscious-sounding (& looking) creations — After all, I’m a buscia/grandma who is retired & on a fixed income. All kidding aside, they look Wonderful!
    I’m in Chicago abut once a week, because my daughter lives in Oak Park & also I go to Northwestern Hospital, so I hope there is a place to buy the in the city.

    On August 02, 2016

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