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Felicia Starewicz brought her Old World recipes in her heart from Poland to Chicago, where she became a Buscia (Boo-sha, or Polish for grandma). She passed down her love of cooking to her family and is the inspiration for Buscia's!


Midwestern Culinary Arts teacher (and Buscia's great-granddaughter) Sarah Starewicz thought people would live her family's recipe for Bacon Buns, and she was right. Buscia's Bacon Buns sold out at Chicagoland farmer's markets and food festivals regularly. Sarah moved to NYC shortly after to learn how to scale the business.


Sarah partnered with a large-scale bakery to bring her vision for Buscia's Bacon Buns to life, using wholesome Midwestern ingredients. Buscia's craves making a difference: our manufacturer is a certified minority employer and we donate 5% of profits to hunger relief.