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What's this I hear about Bacon Buns? Details, please!

Bacon Buns are a generations-old family recipe for hearty buns stuffed with crispy bacon and sizzling onion. Try our Maple Bacon Buns and Cheddar Bacon Buns for a tasty twist on the original, too!

They sound delicious. Where are they made?

Each box of Bacon Buns is handcrafted and hand-packaged by Sarah & her helpers at USDA-certified Hana Kitchens in Brooklyn, New York. The Statue of Liberty greets them on their way in & out of the front door!

Are Bacon Buns non-GMO (genetically modified organisms)?

Short answer: yes! Long answer: let's take them one ingredient at a time.

Flour: the flour we use is made from wheat grown in the USA. GMO wheat is actually not approved for commercial production or sale in the USA or North America.

Butter: we use butter that is 100% pure and organic, meaning that the cows' feed contains no GMO contamination.

Milk: our milk is from cows are not fed GMO feed or injected with genetically engineered hormone rbGH or rbST.

Sugar: table sugar is either made from sugar beets or sugar cane. However, most of the sugar beets grown in North America have been genetically modified to allow them to withstand the application of pesticides. Therefore, the sugar we use comes from 100% sugar cane & has been refined as little as possible.

Salt: there is no such thing as non-GMO salt, as salt is not an organism & therefore has no genes.

Yeast: the yeast we use is organic & has been taken from nature. It's not a genetically modified organism & contains no GMO enzymes.

Eggs: our eggs come from hens that are fed feed that does not contain genetically engineered grains.

Bacon: the bacon we use comes from pigs raised in a chemical- & pesticide-free environment. They are fed grass & feed that does not contain genetically engineered organisms.

Yellow onion: our yellow onions come from farmers who produces seed that is raised in a chemical- & pesticide-free earth site.

Cheddar cheese: our cheddar cheese comes from cows that are fed a GMO-free diet.

Brown sugar: our brown sugar comes from sugar cane. Its juice is mechanically extracted & then heated & cooled to cause little brown crystals to form. The brown color comes from the molasses content.

Maple syrup: our maple syrup is made from natural maple tree sap & contains no artificial additives or flavorings. The trees are not treated with pesticides or chemicals & are not damaged or weakened from the tapping.

How do I prepare my bacon buns once I've taken them out of the cooler?

You simply take them out of their packaging, let thaw, & bake for 25-35 minutes at 350F. Are you feeling the anticipation?

Gee whiz, why are Bacon Buns so expensive?

We like to spoil our dear customers by treating them as Buscia would have treated her family. That means using pure, wholesome, natural ingredients from plants & animals that are treated well. The Bacon Buns recipe is one of the most labor-intensive in the world, but we spend the time & energy so you don't have to. We're also a new small business & make our small batches by hand, from cutting our bacon to cracking our eggs to shrink-wrapping & boxing our Bacon Buns so that you can taste & feel the love! Finally, we add the cost of the shipping coolers & dry ice into the price of the buns.

You've got my stomach growling, so where can I find these Bacon Buns?

You can order them right here on our website for delivery right to your door. We are working hard at selling Buscia's Bacon buns in stores. In the meantime, check out our events page, as we are planning events in major bacon-loving cities!

What other Bacon Bun flavors or goodies are coming next?

We're working on some yummy new flavors and other treats, but we want to hear your ideas too!

I have a food allergy. Can I eat Bacon Buns?

Bacon Buns don't contain nuts but they are made with eggs, milk, & wheat. The facility where we make Bacon Buns also processes fish, crustacean shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, & soy.

Talking about food never gets old. Where can we keep the conversation going?

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